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"The administration service Camplike", on the one hand, and the "User", on the other hand, collectively referred to as the "Parties", have entered into this User Agreement (hereinafter - the "Agreement") as follows:

1. Definitions

In this Agreement, the following terms shall have the following meaning:

1.1. "The administration service Camplike» - authorized persons, establishing the procedure for use of the Site, control the operation of the Site and the control performed by the user of this Agreement.

1.2. "Camp" - the kind of outdoor activities, combining both sports activities and events, and leisure travel organization.

1.3. "Account" - an account, including information provided by the user.

1.4. "Account Traveler" - the type of account that are available to book trips.

1.5. "Account Organizer" - the type of account, which is available option to add the event information to the site.

1.6. "Acceptance" - to take all, without exception, the terms of this Agreement by the User of the register on the site, after which this Agreement becomes the legal status of the transaction in writing.

1.7. "Application" - a document in electronic form, direct users of the Administration site, and contains information about the User's identity.

1.8. "Login" - a unique user ID used to access the internal pages of the site.

1.9. "Unauthorized access" - access to the personal pages have not been registered or not authorized person, or gaining access to the personal page of the person unlawfully took possession of the data sufficient for the passage of the authorization procedure.

1.10. "Password" - and alpha (or) a digital code, said user during registration, is not disclosed by both parties to this Agreement to third parties and used in combination with a login to access the User to the service site. Username and password entered by the user is recognized by the Parties analogue of the handwritten signature of the User.

1.11. "Personal data" - information provided by the User during the registration process on the Website, which personally identifies the User other data which can be reasonably linked to such information, including, but not limited to: name, surname, first name, email address, phone number, as well as different other information specified by the user when registering on the site. Notice of such data is a prerequisite for acceptance of the offer. The data is stored in the database of the Administration site, and shall be used only in accordance with this Agreement and applicable laws of the Russian Federation.

1.12. "User" - capable person who voluntarily registered on the Website.

1.13. "Traveler" - a user who has registered traveler account

1.14. "Organizer" - a user who has registered the organizer's account.

1.15. "Registration" - a procedure in which the user provides reliable data on the currently approved by the Site Administration form, as well as login and password. Registration is considered complete when filling the User Application to Website.

1.16. "Site" - a set of integrated hardware and software and hardware, as well as information intended for publication on the Internet and displayed a certain text, graphical or audio form, located in the domain zones camplike.ru, camplike.com.

1.17. "Service (Service)" - a set of technical and technological features of the site, provided by the Administrator user after acceptance of this Agreement.

1.18. "Spam" - telematic electronic message intended for indefinite number of people, delivered to the subscriber and (or) the user without their prior consent and does not allow to identify the sender of the message, including in view of the indications in it non-existent or the falsified sender addresses.

1.19. «E-mail Newsletter" - automated sending e-mail messages to users.

2. Subject of the Agreement

2.1. The agreement is a public offer in accordance with Article 437 of the Civil Code (the "Civil Code of the Russian Federation"), defines the terms and conditions of use and www.camplike.ru Sites, www.camplike.com, the service site and information posted on the Site, as well as the rights, obligations and mutual responsibilities of the Parties to the Agreement.

2.2. Registration on the site is done by providing the name, surname, date of birth, email, and password, or the provision of data by social services. Network Facebook, G +, Vkontakte.

2.3. Registration on the site the User acknowledges that he has the necessary legal capacity and authority to make this Agreement shall be able to fulfill the terms of the Agreement and take responsibility for the violation of the Agreement, including the legal relationships arising from the use of the Site.

3. How to operate the Site and Services

3.1. Site and Services may be used to facilitate the placement of ads and reservation Camp. Such Camp included in the ad at the website and service organizers. You can view ads as an unregistered visitor of the Site and Services; however, if you want to stay in Camp or create an ad, you must first register and create an account Camplike.

3.2. Camplike service provides an online platform or trading platform, as well as the necessary technology to travelers and organizers to share information online, and book Camp directly with each other. Administration of this site is not the owner or operator of Camp or other tours.

3.3. Please note that, as indicated above, site, application and services are designed to facilitate the connection of travelers and organizers, as well as Camp reservation. Administration of this site may not monitor or control the content of any announcements and conditions, the legality or suitability of any Camp. The website administration does not bear any responsibility for any ads and Camp and disclaims any liability in connection with the advertisement and Camp. accordingly, all operations for the reservation will be made or received on the customer's own risk.

4. The rights and obligations of the Administration of the Site

4.1. Site administration is obliged to:

4.1.1. Comply with the provisions, terms and conditions of this Agreement and of the Russian Federation;

4.1.2. Take measures aimed at preventing crime, as well as provisions, terms and conditions of this Agreement, provided not anonymous, credible, substantiated evidence of posts concerned and obligated persons - law enforcement and other government agencies, organizations and other users.

4.2. The Site Administration has the right to:

4.2.1. At its discretion, create, modify, delete information posted on the website and published materials, to make changes in the structure and functionality of the Site and to optimize its performance.

4.2.2. Use user-posted information on the website without paying commission fees for copyrights,

4.2.3. Use the information for promotional purposes without payment of commission fees posted by the user for copyright,

4.2.4. At its discretion, to restrict access to any information posted on the Site.

4.2.5. Remove any data and (or) accounts in case of violation of the rights of users of this Agreement.

4.2.6. Do not provide any possibility of the Service Site strangers.

4.2.7. Temporarily restrict or remove any material from the Site unilaterally advance warning publication, or, in the case of unforeseen circumstances, or the presence of outdated data and information, without explanation.

4.2.8. Implement sending users to the Site by e-mail information of emails listed in their profiles (e-mail) about the most important events (promotions, offers, events) occurring within the Site.

4.2.9. After receiving from the User Applications provide feedback on said profile contact data in order to specify the parameters of the User Applications and counseling on his question. All expenses for the feedback carried on by the Site Administration.

4.2.10. To refuse the implementation of feedback if the user has not been granted or provided deliberately incorrect contact details.

4.2.11. Require users to the faithful execution of the provisions, terms and conditions of this Agreement. In the event of a breach by the User of the provisions, terms and conditions of this Agreement to respond to such violations ways and within the limits provided for in this Agreement and the applicable Russian legislation.

4.2.12. Unilaterally, without any consent or prior notice to apply the measures to the Customer under this Agreement and the legislation of Russian Federation, including to prohibit the use of certain logins for reasons arising from the applicable laws, customs, and norms of integrity, ethics and morality.

4.2.13. Track and store information about IP-addresses User access to the Site, use of technical information files (, the cookies have), placed on the local terminal of the User and (or) non-registered visitors.

4.2.14. Track user activity on the site to provide personalized offers.

4.2.15. Impose restrictions on the use of the Site and the Services without explanation.

4.2.16. To access the user's personal page, provided that the confidentiality of information contained on this page, for the purposes of organizing the operation and technical support of the Site and the execution of this Agreement.

4.2.17. Lock the user account in the event of a breach by User of this Agreement.

4.2.18. Delete the user account if the User violates the terms of this Agreement.

4.2.19. Refuse to register the user account, an account which has been previously removed for breach.

4.2.20. Close to suspend the operation, change the Site or part thereof without prior notice to you.

4.2.21. To suspend the User's access to the Site for the necessary scheduled maintenance and repair work on technical resources.

4.2.22. Prompt the user for additional information to identify the user's identity.

5. Rights and Obligations of Members

5.1. The user has the right to:

5.1.1. Use the Site and the Services to the extent provided by the Administration of the Site, subject to the provisions, terms and conditions of this Agreement, without violating the current legislation of the Russian Federation;

5.1.2. Receive information, news and advertising distribution of the Administration of the Site, including your e-mail address you provided when filing the application, and also unsubscribe from receiving such mailings by clicking on a special link or by contacting directly to the Site Administration.

5.2. User is obliged to:

5.2.1. Fully familiar with these rules prior to the registration on the Site. By accessing the Website implies full and unconditional acceptance of these Rules in accordance with Art. 438 of the Civil Code.

5.2.2. When using the Site comply with the legislation of the Russian Federation, the terms of this Agreement, the Site Administration, including strictly comply with the privacy policy within the meaning of para. 7 of this Agreement

5.2.3. Inform the Site Administration of violation of the provisions, terms and conditions of this Agreement and the norms of the Russian legislation in respect of another user of the Site and (or) third parties.

5.2.4. Ensure the accuracy provided in the registration information on the Site, in the future to act only under your login using your password and account.

5.2.5. Take all measures to preserve the confidentiality of their personal information (phone numbers, email addresses, etc.).

5.2.6. Inform the Site Administration of unauthorized access to a personal page, and (or) of any unauthorized access and (or) use of passwords and User ID;

5.2.7. Do not use links to sites on spam submissions.

5.3. Users are prohibited from:

5.3.1. Violate intellectual property rights Site Administration within the meaning of n. 6 hereof.

5.3.2. Create user accounts by automated means.

5.3.3. Use any automatic or automated means for gathering information on the Site.

5.3.4. Enter Site Administration to misrepresent your identity by providing false information about himself.

5.3.5. In any way, including by hacking, attempting to gain access to another's account.

5.3.6. Carry out actions aimed at destabilizing the functioning of the web site is unauthorized access to the site management or closed sections as well as sections to which access is restricted to the Administration or to perform any other actions that may be interpreted as a network attack.

5.3.7. Grant access to other users and to third parties for their own personal page or a separate information contained in it, if it can lead to a violation of the Russian legislation, this Agreement, the rights and interests of other users and third parties.

5.3.8. Post information, discrediting the honor, dignity or business reputation of a third party.

5.3.9. Post information that violates the laws of the Russian Federation.

6. Intellectual property and intellectual rights

6.1. Service, its components, and individual components (including, but not limited to, computer programs, databases, codes, their underlying know-how, algorithms, design elements, fonts, logos and text, graphics and other materials) are intellectual property, protected under national and international law, any use is allowed only with the authorization of the copyright holder.

6.2. Site content can not be used (copied, reproduced, processed, distributed, published, sold) in whole or in part without the prior consent of the owner, unless the franchisor has expressed its written consent to the free use of the contents of the Site for specific members.

6.3. The user is not entitled to distribute, modify, reformat, and other processing, reproduction (copying and other copying) in respect of such services components, such as computer programs, databases, codes, their underlying know-how, algorithms, design elements, fonts, logos. These components of the Service may not be used as part of other websites, software, search engines, and other works and objects of related rights, copied or otherwise used for the purpose of pecuniary interest.

6.4. Illegal use of intellectual property rights entails civil, administrative and criminal liability.

6.5. By accepting, you agree with the fact that they downloaded content can be used in advance on the website or advertising purposes without prior notice and without any deductions to the user.

6.6. By accepting, the organizer agrees to the use of the materials involved in the design of pages of activities that correspond to the account of the organizer.

7. Privacy Policy

7.1. Any information submitted by the parties to each other while using the service site is confidential.

7.2. Filling in any form on the Site, the User authorizes the Site Administration in the collection, processing and storage of their personal personal information on the transfer of personal data to third parties, as well as to receive from the Site Administration, and third data messages persons, including through E-mail mailing.

7.3. Site Administration protects personal information user using conventional security techniques to protect information from loss, distortion and unauthorized access. Security is implemented in software firewall, access verification procedures using cryptographic information security, privacy policy.

7.4. The Parties undertake to abide by this Agreement, which regulates legal relations connected with the establishment, amendment and termination of the confidentiality of personal information of the parties and not to disclose confidential information to third parties.

7.5. The Site Administration does not provide the User's personal information to third parties, except for the written requests of the authorized state bodies. All personal information, the user may be disclosed to other third parties only with his permission.

7.6. Action agreement is terminated on the basis of a written statement, which is signed by the user and sent by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt of the Administration of the Site or electronic mail to the addresses indicated in para. 11 of this Agreement. The user agrees to the processing of their personal data up to the presentation of the User to revoke consent to receive information messages and (or) on the processing of personal data.

8. Liability of the Parties

8.1. The user bears full responsibility for any action taken by him using your account, and for any consequences that could result or caused such use.

8.2. Website administration is not responsible for the consequences of use of the site.

8.3. The user is responsible for the storage of Login and Password is access by third parties and their timely replaced in case of loss or other necessity.

8.4. In accordance with the current legislation of Russian Federation, the user's responsibility and all costs (including damages, damages, penalties, legal and other costs and expenses) in the event the third party of any claim, including, but not limited to, claims related to the protection of intellectual property rights of third parties, and for any liability incurred by the Site in connection with claims of third parties relating to or arising out of User's breach of this Agreement.

8.5. Website administration is not responsible for complete or partial interruption in the availability of sites associated with the replacement and (or) hardware failures, software or repairs, preventive and other works.

8.6. Website administration is not responsible for the completeness and accuracy of the information posted by users of the resource.

9. Disclaimer

9.1. If you decide to use the site, the service or the total content or participate in the program recommendations, you do so at your own risk.

9.2. You acknowledge and agree that the Site Administration is not obliged to inspect the data of any of the organizers or check any Camp.

9.3. Site services, the overall program content and recommendations are provided on an "as is" without warranty of any kind, express or implied.

9.4. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, and if permitted by law, the administration of the site expressly disclaims any warranty of fitness for a commercial use, satisfactory quality, fitness for a particular purpose, are able to safely use and non-infringement, as well as all warranties arising from a standard course of business activities or business practices.

9.5. Administration of this site makes no warranties as to the site, the services, the overall content, including, but not limited to, ads or Camp or program recommendations will meet your requirements or will be provided without interruption, with security and without errors.

9.6. Administration of this site makes no warranties regarding the quality of any ad, Camp organizers, travelers in terms of quality of services or shared content, or as to the accuracy, timeliness, reliability, completeness or reliability of any shared content is obtained by the site, application, services or recommendations of the program.

9.7. No advice or information, whether oral or written, obtained from the administration of the site or using the site, application, service, or shared content does not create any warranty not specified in these terms and conditions.

9.8. You are solely responsible for all your messages and interact with other users of the site or service, and others with whom you are sharing information or interacting as a result of use of the Site or the Services, including, without limitation, any of the organizers and travelers.

9.9. You understand that the administration of the site makes no attempt to verify the statements users of the site or service, or to check or to visit any of the Camp.

9.10. Administration of this site makes no representations or warranties with respect to the behavior of users of the site or services, or their compatibility with existing or future site or service users.

9.11. You agree to take reasonable precautions in all your communications and interactions with other users of the site or service, and others with whom you are sharing information or interacting as a result of your use of the Site or the Service, including, without limitation, any of the organizers and travelers, in particular, if you decide to meet offline or in person, regardless of whether such a meeting organized by the administrator or not.

9.12. Site administration has refused to openly carry any liability for the acts or omissions of any of the travelers or organizers ..

10. Other conditions

10.1. This Agreement shall enter into force upon completion of the registration procedure. Acknowledgment of receipt of this offer is done by expressing the user's consent to the terms under the procedure of registration on the Site, and is of indefinite duration.

10.2. In the event of any dispute or disagreement relating to the execution of this Agreement, the User and Site Administration will make every effort to resolve them on the basis of the provisions of this Agreement through negotiations between them. If the disputes are not resolved by negotiations, the disputes shall be settled in accordance with the Russian legislation.

10.3. The Site Administration reserves the right to modify at any time and (or) supplement the terms of this Agreement. The user undertakes to promptly and regularly to get acquainted with the actual changes in the conditions, in particular, in the notice of such changes by E-mail list on your site.

11. The processing of personal data rules

11.1. Personal Data - any information relating to an individual. Operator - Camplike, performing the processing of personal data of Users.

11.2. User - a natural person who provides their personal data the operator for the conclusion of the contract.

11.3. Feedback Form - html-form on a website where users submit their personal data.

11.4. Operator Client - a person with whom the operator is in a contractual relationship and who transmitted the personal data of the User.

11.5. These rules govern the relationship between operators and users when sending personal data to the user via the feedback form.

11.6. To personal data in the framework of these rules include:

11.6.1. Full name

11.6.2. Contact phone number

11.6.3. E-mail address;

11.6.4. member's Avatar

11.6.5. Date of Birth

11.7. When you send personal data to the user via the feedback form User consents to the processing and transfer of the company's clients.

11.8. The personal data entered by the User in the feedback form, are automatically transferred to the operator and the customer service operator.

11.9. The operator does not distribute personal information and does not transmit them to third parties without the consent of the User, with the exception of the personal data of the Operator Client.

11.10. The operator processes personal data during the term of the contracts concluded between the Operator and the user or the Operator and the Customer.

11.11. In case of failure to conclude a contract between the operator and the user or users and customer service operator, operator undertakes to destroy personal data obtained in the future not to carry out their treatment in any form permitted by law.

11.12. The operator is obliged to ensure the safety of personal data in accordance with applicable Russian legislation.

11.13. The user has the right to withdraw consent to the processing of personal data and other rights stipulated by the current Russian legislation.

11.14. These rules have been prepared in accordance with the Federal Law of July 27, 2006 № 152-FZ "On personal data".

11.15. These rules are located on the sites of clients of the operator, the Operator's website, the widget operator and are publicly available.

12. Camplike Administration reserves the right to change unilaterally the present rules, provided that the changes do not contradict the current legislation of the Russian Federation. Changes in the conditions of these rules come into force after their publication on the Site.

13. Details of the Administration site

E-mail: admin@camplike.ru

Tel .: +7 (495) 118-2990